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Welcome to the Founder's Kit!

The Founder's Kit is a living collection of tools and resources that we'll be updating regularly. Here you'll find a curated collection of Pitch Decks from developers world-wide, sample business agreements, and information about the business of game design.

"While starting my own company in games, I gathered a ton of tools, articles, and videos that have helped me at the earliest stages — even creating some along the way. My hope is that by making these notes public and putting them all in one place, they'll help you on your journey too."

"In my experience working across multiple teams, I’ve learned that models and resources shift and change according to the needs of the project. Hopefully in sharing many models and perspectives, this kit can help others triangulate what works best right now for their needs!"


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A note from our legal pals

This document and all other Founders Kit Documents provided by GLITCH are for information only, are intended as a starting place for discussion and does not replace formal legal advice.